Wide silver ring

May 10, 2008

with hammer marks

MATERIALS: Standard silver sheet

TECHNIQUES: annealing, hammering/planishing, sawing, soldering, ring forming, ring resizing, sanding

TOOLS: triblet (ring mandrel), barrel polisher, hammer, saw and blades, soldering tools, mallet, wet and dry paper, scribe, vise, (ideally pendant drill), ring stretcher

This was made very quickly.

  1. Cut silver to desired width using a guillotine.
  2. Use a hammer to texture one side.
  3. Use a mallet on the sheet over a triblet to form a ring shape (perhaps a little smaller than the size that you want).
  4. Use scribe to mark where to cut through to get rid of the ends and saw as marked.
  5. Check size (cut off more if needed) and then ‘saw through’ the cut to make sure that it’s smooth for soldering.
  6. Solder using silver hard solder.
  7. Sand as necessary and use hammer marks to cover the solder seam.
  8. Resize if necessary.
  9. Barrel polish.


  • Wide rings are very difficult to remove from one’s finger! Although in general you should make rings a little smaller than desired and stretch if necessary, with such a wide ring I should’ve probably made it a bit bigger. Actually, in hindsight I would not have made it so wide.
  • Be careful when resizing – the solder seam can break. If you need to re-solder use a solder with a lower melting point.

IF I HAD MORE TIME: I would have done more work cleaning up the finished solder seam – I didn’t get any time to hammer the outside or sand/file the inside. I would have liked to have used a pendant drill to sand the inside of the ring.


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